Level 2 in IT

IT User Skills Certificates L2: BCS Level 2 ECDL Certificate in IT User Skills Level 2 (BCS)


This qualification is made up from one mandatory unit and three optional software option units.  The mandatory unit is:

  • Improving Productivity

The software options available to choose from at level 2 are:

  • Word Processing Software– Word 2010
  • Spreadsheets Software – Excel 2010

  • Database Software – Access 2010

  • Presentation Software – PowerPoint 2010


To achieve this qualification a learner must complete learning and pass practice and live exams in all four subject areas.   The learner can choose which three software options they want to complete to achieve this qualification.


Anyone wishing to enrol onto this course will have to attend centre for an initial interview where they will speak with a member of staff about this course and what will be expected of them in order to achieve this qualification. It will be during the initial interview that learners are registered as a member of Learndirect and given the log in details needed to access their learning through the Learndirect website.  Learners will also be registered with BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT.  We will discuss all policies and procedures, rules and regulations that affect all learners and the learning process.


All learning can be done remotely and will be monitored by us in centre.  All learners will be required to complete a minimum of 6 hours a week, every week, until they have completed all their learning and passed their exams.  All exams must be completed in centre.


Learners will study one software option at a time and will complete practice and live exams through the BCS-Enlight website.  Practice exams are not timed but learners must achieve 75% or more to progress onto the live exam.  The live exam has a 45 minute time limit and learners will have to achieve 75% or more to pass.