Maths and English Overview


All learners will complete the initial assessment which will inform their tutor of their level of skills. 

All learners will complete the diagnostic assessment which will inform their tutor of their specific learning needs of the individual.

All results will be put through the Programme Builder which will develop an individualised learning programme.

Functional Skills Entry 3

This level is aimed at candidates operating at just below GCSE level.

Learners will complete online learning to develop skills.  All learners will complete test preparation and practice tests before completing the live exam.

The assessments at Entry Level 3 are set by City and Guilds, administered and marked in the centre then externally verified.  They have been designed to be delivered on a one to one basis with the candidate and the tutor, or to be completed independently by the candidate.


This consists of three assessments:

Reading task based questions, 40 minutes.

Writing task based  questions, 40 minutes.

Speaking, Listening and Communication – two discussions with the tutor, one to be formal, one to be informal, recorded on a template – up to 30 minutes.


Learning modules may includes:

Whole number

Fractions, decimals and percentages.

Common Measure

Shape and Space

Handling Data


One assessment – 1 hour and 30 minutes.