Mandy Scott's Testimonial

Mandy Scott – Testimonial for CEP Associates


I was referred to CEP in September 2014 by my Jobcentre advisor. I have been out of work due to having a young family and I wanted to attend some training courses while my children were at nursery, to help me get back into employment. When I attended my appointment with Pat Dreyer the staff were very helpful and friendly. I was not sure what kind of course I wanted to do so we discussed this during my appointment. The trainer/advisor suggested an IT course to refresh my skills, as this would help me towards the jobs I was looking for. I started my course the next week and by December 2014 I had completed my IT Level 1. I then went onto do my Level 2 in IT, and completed that by July 2015. This course consisted of workbooks with learning and then an exam at the end of each unit, at first a practice and then the live exam. I found this good because I found doing the practice helped me to prepare for the live exam. I received my certificates for these courses from within centre not long after completion. I attended the centre two mornings a week as this fitted in with the nursery times for my children. I enjoyed these courses and found them very useful in developing my skills and confidence.


So I then had a chat with my trainer/advisor and decided to do a Business Administration course, which I started straight away. Whilst doing this course the trainer suggested that I do a Customer Service course alongside my Business Administration as these would work well together. So I started that the next week, and started to attend the centre three mornings a week to do the two courses. These courses involved reading workbooks and answering the questions at the end of each unit. Also gathering information, documents, and carrying out tasks. I have now completed these two courses by November 2015 and am waiting for them to be assessed and certificated.


I have found the centre and the staff to be very helpful in guiding my learning, and helpful throughout the various courses I have attended. I have continued to attend CEP because I have found the centre a very relaxed place to learn, where I can just go at my own pace with my own specific course. If I have been stuck at any point there has always been staff present to assist me. The centre has flexible learning hours which I have managed to fit around my children’s nursery and school times.


I have recommended CEP to some of my friends who are also in the same situation as I am, where they would like to attend some training courses around childcare issues.